Thursday 6 August 2015

Sewing with Singer Sewing machine

Each time after taekwondo upgrading to colour stripe belts I will have to use my sewing skills.  Just last week I have to attach the blacks onto my girls' red belts to become black strip belts for their inter-school competition. 

I have to admit that I have a bit of a struggle putting the thread through the needle hole for the machine.  Luckily my Singer sewing machine has the lighting features which really help.
I have a bit of struggle too to find my sewing kits as we have moved things around to make way for a minor renovation done at the wardrobe room.  Meantime, the travel size sewing kit is sufficient for this small project.

the red belt and the black clothes to be attached at both ends.


  1. At least you know how to use a sewing machine! I never touch once since my secondary school's home economy class. Never fond of sewing. ^^

  2. Ethan's blue belt now. I did not sew anything. I just buy the new belt from the school.


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