Wednesday 19 August 2015

Forex Trading experience

Ringgit is down.  Time to learn how to earn some USD.  Forex it would be.  Anywhere in the world can trade Forex.  Business round the clock.  Sounds good isn't it?

Had worked in a stockbroking firm for 10 years, experiences gained but down financially. A year ago I tried my hands on forex demo account.  The earning was not good, got few calls from the forex company wanted to further explain on the trading techniques but I was not ready for it.

Up until recently, my better half bought a book on forex trading trying to get some ideas on the how to.  From there, we started on trading forex on demo accounts.  The risks on forex trading is very high, one should not trade on real money without the knowledge of the trades.

Some snapshot of the demo accounts
We tried on the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY pairing.

we gained some and lose some trades.  At the end of the day/month, it is the Profit & Loss account that will show whether we have gained or loss in the trading.    

The losing positions are tend to be very discouraging,  it is in USD...:)

We are still learning from the demo accounts no real money involve.  My kid is very interested to know what is about, she thought it is one of those online game. hahaaa...

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