Monday 17 August 2015

Tarap - Borneo Tropical fruit

The price of Tarap has becoming more and more expensive.  I still remember a fruit vendor trying to get a huge profit from me by selling an average size Tarap for RM30.00 at Gaya Street last year.  He must have thought that I am a tourist.  Though my daughter wanted to eat Tarap so much, I refused to buy because the price is ridiculous.  I prefer to buy from other sellers who sell at reasonable price.

This year, I managed to buy these 2 Taraps for RM2.00 each, waited for a week to ripe but the fruits were small and not satisfying

We bought another for RM7.00. this Tarap fruits are bigger and taste much better.  To me, the natural scents of Tarap is more pleasing than the durian.   
The skin of the Tarap is soft when it is ripen, even kids can serve themselves by opening a Tarap.

When we were small, my parents taught us to boil the Tarap seeds after eating the flesh.  The texture is similar to peanuts.  Tarap is a very healthy fruit, it is packed with nutrients like Potassium, sodium, Calcium, vitamin C and Antioxidant properties due to its phytochemicals. We have not had enough of Taraps this season, shall buy more from the market during weekends.
the Tarap seeds


  1. Long time did not eat this fruit.

  2. this is something new to me, have not seen this and not to mention tried it before.. RM2 each and RM30 each?? that's such a big difference..

    1. it seems that Tarap can hardly be found in Peninsular Malaysia. Some sellers are trying to get a big profit from the Tourists, the locals will know the price well.

  3. At first glance, it looks like cempedak to me. But the color is different for sure. I don't think I ever see this fruit in Peninsular like you said.


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