Tuesday 24 November 2015

Sweet Potatoes Fritters

I usually make sweet potatoes bubur cha cha, a couple of weeks ago, I tried to make them into fritters so that my girls get to eat the sweet potatoes rather than only the soup.  I am glad that my girls like them though the appearance of the fritters do not look yummy, too plain for food presentation, haaa..

We can just take a piece or two for snacking during the afternoon before dinner time.  Sweet potatoes is a healthier choice than many other processed food for the children.   

I recorded down the preparation methods here for reference and for future improvement :


  1. Hello,Agnes,
    I agree with you, sweet popatoes are good for health and the taste is good.I enjoyed to see the you tube,Sweet Potatoes Fritters!
    Have a good new week.

  2. I love sweet potatoes and bubur cha cha. And fried sweet potatoes fritters too. If only my kids eat them like your kids do....sigh.

  3. I have not eaten smashed sweet potato fritters, usually its sliced sweet potato fritters. I think the taste will be the same and less oil to fry.

  4. I lovelovelove sweet potatoes <3 they are so delicious and
    so healthy! Like a win-win situation c:
    I love roasting sweet potatoes on the BBQ/oven or have
    them in soups too but never had them as fritters o: Xx
    Ice Pandora

  5. Sweet potatoes always taste good in anything from main dishes to fried fritters and desserts. I love them too and it is cheap.


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