Monday 2 November 2015

Weekend Tamu at Giant Hypermarket Kolombong

last Saturday was a school off day for our girls, reluctantly they tagged along to the tamu (open market place) on their daddy request.  After breakfast, we finally arrived at the tamu, finding parking it's always a problem at any tamu market places, one of the option is to double park and be alert to make way for the cars that we blocked at any time.

the ones that caught our girls' attentions are the cats and puppies.  We bought our dog named Lucky at this tamu many year ago.
Live crabs for sell. 
there are frogs too..big and masculine ones 
dried fish 
orchids and plants  
dessert rose roots, the colours and types are shown on the stickers.  We bought 3 types of colours at RM25.00 each 
the well grown dessert roses priced at RM180.00 per pot 
Soursop fruits are hard to find.  I bought 2 at RM8.00 per kg here.  I was told that regular consumption of soursop could cure many diseases.  
My better half came for this.  Fertilised black soil for our plants.   RM2.00 per pack. 


  1. I bought a soup sop last week and make drink of it.

    I love going and browse through the market.

  2. Those cats and puppies are so cute! I would love to have them at home! :p

  3. This is my mom favourite place to cuci mata, all the flower is her target.

  4. So interesting to see these plants, Agnes! Some resemble ginseng; so cute! xoxo

  5. that's interesting, there are so many things to see in the tamu!! i wonder why the girls were reluctant to tag along, haha.. hmmm, wait, a second thought, i remember i also dreaded to follow my mum to the wet market when i was in school, haha~~ :p

  6. My girls will love this market - so many things to see and got puppies! My girls love dogs.


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