Friday 23 May 2008


Parents of Crystal's kindergarten will be collecting their children's report cards on Saturday, that tomorrow, 24th May 2008. Since we were early in picking Crystal up today, I managed to collect from her form teacher this morning saving us a trip to the school again tomorrow. According to her teacher, her results are good but her interest in Bahasa Malaysia is lacking. She refused to pay attention in her BM classes; she was either walking around or purposely finding something else to do during the classes, like taking her sweet time to the washroom or excuse herself to drink water; teacher has attempted to get her to sit in the front row so that she can concentrate. After hearing the teacher's comment, I interviewed Crystal a bit, she admitted what she did in the BM classes because she does not like BM, erhrrr.. (sounded serious too..we as parents have to take this seriously too before it's too late!!!). In order to change her mentalilty on her dislike, we have to explain why she mustn't have this kind of thought. She sounded convinced with our explanations hopefully she will improve in the coming semester.

Crystal's school results for the 1st semester of 2008

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  1. Despite her lack of interest in BM subject, she's doing very well in other subjects looking at her report card ;)


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