Friday 9 May 2008


The Lok Kawi Wild Life Park (Lok Kawi Zoo) has been officially opened for public several months ago. We have heard so much about it and finally we paid a visit to the zoo last Saturday, 3rd May 2008, just happened that our friend Kenneth is bringing his two kids there and invited us along, since we have been longing to bring our girls there too so we decided to make a trip there which is located at old Penampang-Papar road that is about 10km from our home. We arrived there at about 10am and spent about 2 hours in the park just about right to avoid the mid day sun set in. Kenneth's kids, Jordon and Amethyst love the animals so much that this was the fourth time they've been to this zoo. Crystal and Pearl were so excited to see the real animals for the first time. Let's come see the birds and animals that we found in the zoo..

Crystal, Pearl and their new friends, Jordan and Amethyst enjoyed a round of ice cream before heading home..

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  1. it's a nice thing that we have this zoo, we went there sometime last year and of course the kids enjoyed the most ...

    nway, note that ive changed my url to

    have fun!


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