Tuesday 27 May 2008


Who doesn't want to be a millionnaire? If you have not heard about the huge sum of Jackpot money awaiting for winner(s) in Sportstoto's Mega TOTO 6/52 then you should start awakening and do yourself a favour by investing a ticket or two or more trying your luck tomorrow, 28/3/2008. I have been trying my luck for the past three draws, the bad news is I haven't won (yet) and the best news is no one won so far and the 1st prize jackpot has accumulated to an estimated amount of RM16,288,000.00 for tomorrow's draw. Waaaaaa....I am so excited and definitely going to try my luck tomorrow. I am already visionalising myself receiving the jackpot prizes already (Law of Attractions bah!) :D Wish me luck, Okay!!

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