Friday 11 July 2008

Kathleen's Birthday

Kathleen's birthday was on the 29th June and was celebrated at Karamunsing KFC, the same venue that she celebrated her birthday last year. The kids were having fun no matter what, after meals, they had some games but Pearl and Leander are too small to join in some of them. The kids just couldn't stop running around and we have to constantly keep an eye on them as we were in the public place, a bit stressful though. We did not buy any present for Kathleen, Clet prefered to make a necklace for her which I managed to get it done two hours before the party.

Kathleen the birthday girl is now 10 years old. A photo with Crystal, Isabella & Pearl before cutting the cake

A handmade fresh water pearls with Japanese beads necklace specially made for Kathleen.
Pearl is enjoying the mash potatoes
Joshua is not trying to eat the box he is merely licking the cheese after finishing his wedges :D
A birthday cake for Kathleen

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