Thursday 31 July 2008

Yes! Is Pay Day has been a month since I started working and I got my pay cheque today, is the biggest pay cheque I have ever received so far in my entire working life as far as I can remember. It have been a month of hard work, sacrificing time with my little girls, sleep and many other thing as a stay at home mum for an exchange of a pay cheque, this is exactly what all working mums are doing to earn for a living or for a better life.
My hard earn money will be gone in a matter of days, paying loans, school fees, credit cards, etc, there will not have much left till the end of another month. That's life I guess.
You might have noticed that this blog of mine are not being updated as frequent as before. I am struggling to find time to update it as much as I can during lunch hours and weekends. There are many happenings which I would like to share here and there are all in the pipeline. I am finding time to post them here soon. Please bare with me.

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