Friday 1 August 2008

Having Flu Again

My poor little Pearl is having flu again. Her body temperature was a bit warm when we sent her to baby school this morning, she knows about it and even told me that, "Mummy, I am sick, warm got hingus (mucus) again." She coughed a few times that made her vomited some mucus, luckily her tummy was still empty in the morning nothing solid came out. Having discussed with Clet on the situation, we decided to send her to school first, send me to work and let Clet settles his stuff and come back to attend to our little one since her fever was still a mild one, we informed the teacher to keep monitoring on that. I called the school to check on her around 9.30am, the teacher told me that her flu is terrible, and glad that her fever has gone away. To avoid her from getting throat infection, we decided to bring her to the doctor and Clet has to cancel his outstation trip this morning. Dear hubby, he is really a great daddy.

After seeing the doctor, it is confirmed that she is having sore throat that she has to take her antibiotic. Get well soon, my baby Pearl.

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