Saturday 9 August 2008

Wedding - Stephen & Pauline

We attended the wedding of Stephen and Pauline at the bride's resident at Membakut on Saturday, 9th August 2008 and the photos tells it all.

While everybody was busy with the celebration, the children were having their own fun, running, jumping, balancing, dancing, just about everything they can think of. Crystal and Pearl were sweating all over but they sure had a lot of fun playing with their cousins , Jojo, Kathleen, Edson. I guess the feeling of them being let loose in the compound must have given them so much different from living in the city with all the restrictions and space limitation as compare to living in the countryside.

They were having so much fun that Crystal refused to go home and leaving the party with tearful eyes. The daddy gave her a bit of "lecturing" in the car and not long after that both of them fell fast asleep on the way home. They must be very very exhausted.

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