Saturday 2 January 2010

Farewell 2009, welcome 2010

2009 has passed us by very quickly, we are now in the 2nd day of 2010. Kids will be going back to school 2 days later, resuming to hectic schedules for most parents including us as Crystal will be in primary 1.

We had KFC as our last dinner for 2009 before heading to SIL's resident for the New Year's eve gathering which started late at around 10pm. It was a pot luck gathering. we brought in food respectively mainly for supper. I was working on New Year's eve that I did not have time to prepare any home cook food for the gathering instead we ordered take away, mee basah, from a shop at Beverly Hills Plaza.

New year's eve dinner at KFC

Christmas fruit cake brought by BIL, Nicky, the liquor taste is pretty strong
according to SIL, Juliana, this is an organic papaya from a friend's farm
Chicken curry by SIL, Juliana, the host

Fried chicken brought by Peter & Sylvia
This photo is upside down (I do not know how to fix it). Pasta salad by Joyce.
We tapau this Mee Basah

Very delicious beef rendang prepared by SIL, Monica. Can't help but tapau some home for my mum. She loves beef rendang.
Sweet corns pudding by Monica as well. I was fast enough to take a photo before it's gone in minutes.
Having supper before the clock strike 12.00
Welcoming 2010. Joining hands for a better 2010. Better Health, Better Wealth, Safe & Peace on Earth.


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