Sunday 3 January 2010

A try of Cheesy fruit cake

Baking time for me during holidays!

We love cheese. Yes, we do. It's fattening but a bar of cheese can be shared with others if make into a cake. So here I am trying out to make a cheesy fruit filling cake for the first time. I did not realise that I ran out of cream, no dressing for my cake as a result.

Our girls are very unpredictable, they love cheese but making into a cake like this, they prefer to eat the sponge cake than the cheese, I am speechless... :I

I received good comment on this cake from my mum :D, she is not a cheese person but she like this one.I also helped my niece to make a dark chocolate birthday cake for her friend. My sister bought the chocolate cake premix from Consfood last minute. The texture of this premix is not up to our desire, too dry. I will choose to make it from scratch next time though a lot of work needed.

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  1. you are very talented... the cheesy cake looks yummy.


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