Monday 25 January 2010

Bigen hair colour conditioner for grey hair

Chinese New Year is fast approaching; and my hair is greying. I believe it is genetically inherited from my mum and my grandma. I still can remember the look of my grandma was like an orang putih, because her hair was all grey, never thought that I have inherited the grey hair gene from her.

To reverse the appearance of my greying hair, I try Bigen brand hair colour conditioner, instead of black, I chose the natural brown colour to have a more natural look. I can not stand the long hours in the saloon (I haven't got the time anyway) so I DIY at the comfort of my home with the help of my hubby. Thank you dear.

After 1 hour all my grey hair is gone, I mean is all covered by the hair dye. It is very easy to handle, just squeeze the gel on the brush and start brushing to cover the grey hair area, wait for 10-15 minutes and wash. No mixture kind of messy stuff to do.

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  1. hehee..i just did mine one week ago.. ching chai do.. it will last me for a month, i guess...


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