Tuesday 18 May 2010

Fish cake noodles

After sending our girls to school in the morning, we still have got some time for breakfast before I clock in to the office.  We have been regularly having our breakfast at Crystal's school canteen for the past 6 months and we got bored with the food there already.

One fine morning last week, we went to the new Karamunsing Capital complex looking for breakfast, it was too early that all of the shops are still closed except one, and they are serving fish noodles, yup, noodles made from fish cake.  It is not bad at all.  If you like having fish soup noodles, try this one out. 

They serve the ordinary kon lou mee too


  1. wow... dat fish soup noodles look very .. fishy! lol.. i bet they taste awesome :)

  2. Yes the fish soup taste very nice, planning to have another round of the noodles this sunday, this time will bring our girls along..


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