Sunday 23 May 2010

Daily Supplement

After consuming eXfuze Seven+ as the main health supplement for our family, we found that it does help us to maintain and providing us stronger anti-body, especially to our girls.  They do get sick once in a while but the recovery is speedier with eXfuze Seven+.  

The taste of eXfuze is sweet and children would love it.  At the beginning, we have to keep reminding them to control their dosages because it tastes so good that one can just drink the whole bottle in a day, especially when it is ice cold.  The recommended dosages for adult is 1oz a day while for children it is half an oz a day.  After consistence reminder, our girls are now well aware of their dosages.

A dose of eXfuze Seven+ before bedtime

As we have been consuming it for about 2 years now, we highly recommend eXfuze to all. 


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