Saturday 22 May 2010

Fondant cake decoration class

I am getting ready and very much looking forward to the fondant cake decoration class on the 5th June.  The class is to be conducted by Yasmin from KL, the author of Kraf Gula.  Shall post the update after I have attended the class.

One of the class materials that I need to bring along to the class is the fondant smoother, I got it from Consfood here in Damai, there you will find a lot of fondant making accessories from Wilton.  Products of Wilton is much more expensive because of its brand name, and their varieties, we could find whatever we need for fondant making from Wilton.

A Wilton's fondant smoother costs up to RM30.00++ while an imitated one only costs RM7.00 from Consfood.  I accidentally found the imitated one which was displayed at the inner side of the shop.  After comparing the two, both are more or less the same except the imitated one has got few spelling mistakes on its description. 

 I also bought an assorted Script Message Pattern Press Set to guide me on putting messages on the cake.   This press set is more suitable on fondant cake. 

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