Wednesday 5 May 2010

Marble sponge cake

Me and my girls stayed home while Clet was away for golf sessions in Tawau last weekend. Besides busy with the house chaos, I took the opportunity to have a rest at home but the weather was so warm that it was hard to have a good and comfortable rest.

Though it was warm like oven in the house, I proceed with my baking anyway. I tried my hands on another marble sponge cake on Saturday. This time I used 3 colours instead of 1.

I let my girls help me out on mixing the food colours in the batter just to let them have some fun so that they would not shout boring at home for 2 days.

The texture of this cake is soft and spongy but it is too sweet because I did not realise that the sponge mix is sugar added *_*. Clet got the chance to taste the cake when he was back on Monday. It was still moist and spongy on Tuesday, not bad!


  1. wooot! Thank goodness I am eating my banana cake when I read this post... so not drooling too much :D

    so rajin u.. it's like rainbow after rain :)


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