Wednesday 2 June 2010

Mangoes in abundance

I have been eating mangoes for the past weeks.  The mango tree at our backyard producing lots of mangoes this season.  We could harvest up to 20 mangoes in a day. 

Even with bags and bags of mangoes given away to our family members, we just couldn't empty our fridge with mangoes.  I have been serving mangoes as dessert every night just to cope with the supply for the past two weeks.  I can whack up to 4 or 5 mangoes at one time, it's very sweet and yummy..


making into mango juice
I also juice the mangoes making them into jelly too.

Guess what happen?  I felt sick.  Started having sore throat & flu because of consuming too many mangoes.  It is no fun feeling ill.  I have to refrain myself from having mangoes.  I did not touch any mangoes for the past few days.

The moral of the story is "anything you take has to be in moderation, can not just whack as you like even though there are in abundance".  Lesson learned.   


  1. Those mango looks sweet and juicy, mmmm. I am craving for mango now, especially the one @ my mother's backyard in my hometown.

    How about mango sorbet? it can be kept longer? :)

  2. I looooooooooove mangoes. Those sold here is nothing caparable to KK's. :(


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