Tuesday 8 June 2010

Fondant cake decoration class

I attended the fondant cake decoration class conducted by Guru Jasmin on Saturday morning, 5th June, at Alam Mesra.

As I am not familiar with Alam Mesra area, Clet drove me to find the exact location where the class will be held on Friday evening just to make sure I can drive right there the next day morning.  Glad that we did, I definitely got lost if we hadn't..

I got ready the tools needed for the class the night before.    

Here are the tools, a turning table, ruler, brushes (big & small), pizza cut, small blade, fondant smoother, and

roller pin (prefer the smooth plastic one), apron. small towels, and a cake container.  I baked a cake to bring along too, but it's a bit too short, should have baked a taller cake.  We can either use a tummy cake or real cake.  I prefer a real cake so that we could have a taste of it after that.

Half way through decorating the cake

the ribbon is on

putting a final touches with colour dusting

a picture with the other students and Guru Jasmin

You will noticed that my fondant cake is the shortest among all but I am really pleased with the result.  I have learned a lot from the class, thanks to Guru Jasmin for having the class here in KK

Crystal & Pearl were very excited to see my fondant cake, they were waiting by the door already when I reached home. We waited till the next day to cut the cake, leave a day for us to admire the beauty of  a fondant cake.

I bought a copy of Guru Jasmin's Sugar Craft book and have her autograph on it too.


  1. so nice! i love it. beautifully done :D

  2. Thanks. I still need a lot of practice on handling the fondant.

  3. So nice to be able to join the class and the cake looks beautiful too! :)

  4. Very beautiful!! Very soon, you can even take orders and sell them!

  5. Your cake is beautiful!!! Sia pun mau ambil class laini kalau ada kesempatan! :D

  6. HI, where did u buy the cake container? Sandy


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