Wednesday 9 June 2010

A Mt Kinabalu Trip as reward

During these school holiday seasons, almost all of the resorts, chalets and hotels are fully booked over the weekends, big or small alike. 

Crystal was very disappointed that we couldn't book a place at Kinabalu Pine Resort or Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa this weekend.  After our last Christmas outing at Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa which she enjoyed so much that she wanted another mountain trip.

She has put in her effort to strike good marks in her recent examination.  She brought back an average marks of 92%, a 5% more than the benchmark we have set for her to achieve in order to go for a Mt Kinabalu trip as reward. With such a good result, how could we disappoint her?

As a loving daddy, Clet dislikes the idea of letting Crystal down.  He searched through the internet again and finally got ourselves a place at Golden Kundasang Highland this weekend.  He took up to 5 chalets at one time gathering our brothers and sisters and their families to join in the trip.

Crystal has a smile at her face again when her daddy announced the good news to her last night and showed her how Golden Kundasang Highland's chalets look like, our girls are excited to see a double-decker bed in the room.  We haven't got a double-decker bed at home so to them it is fun to climb up and down the bed, i guess!


  1. Uncle Edward called Jason last nite abt the trip..unfortunately with Eli's reflux it will not be convenient to travel's a shame as it would have been fun for family gathering there...never mind, next time ya :)

  2. It's Ok. I know how inconvenient it is to travel with small kids. I prefer to stay home most of the time when C & P were still little. Furthermore, the cold climate is not suitable for Eli just yet.


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