Sunday 13 June 2010

Trip to Kundasang/Mt. Kinabalu Trip

To update on my previous post on our trip to Kundasang this weekend.

Clet packed our car boot full with food, clothing, and our necessities for the trip.   The place that we stayed do not have any restaurant that we could order our food, so we planned to have our own BBQ dinner and also cook our own breakfast during our stay at Golden Kundasang Highland, which is 6000ft above sea level.  

We left our house at around 9.30am and dropped by Tamparuli to have our brunch at the famous Tamparuli noodle shop.
The view of Mt Kinabalu is in front of us on our way to Tamparuli town.

Crossing the old Tamparuli bridge with the long hanging bridge on our left

The famous Tamparuli Mein/Noodles

On our way to our destination, we had a brief visit to the Mt Kinabalu National Park while waiting for others to arrive.  We proceeded to The Golden Kundasang Highland Resort before noon.  It is a small resort located half way to Mesilau Resort.

The entrance at the Resort, a big wheel.

The reception is this ugly wooden house.  The reception lady is also one of the person taking care of the vegetable farm within the resort area.

Started to get ready for the BBQ in the afternoon.  There were plenty of flies at the BBQ pits areas.  We have to take extra efforts to guard our food. 
The Mt Kinabalu view from our room before sunset
The view of the chalets with vegetable farm just right in front

While exploring the resort area, Crystal & Pearl hurt themselves, see these wounds on their legs.
Crystal caught her leg in between the metal bar while playing the see-saw.  One of the metal bar has gone disappeared but no maintenance was done on it.

Pearl fell off and hurt herself while trying to run on the uneven path near the BBQ pits area.  Both of them have to use their Aunty Kim's Chinese ointment.  Kim also used the same ointment to treat a bee stink  on her hand.  She always carry this ointment everyway she goes.

 We took a group photo before we leave the resort.  We stopped by Bundu Tuhan's vegetable stalls to buy some fresh vegetable and also Nabalu to use the toilet there, we never knew that there  are some souvenir stalls just nearby.  It is a good place to shop for Sabah's souvenirs, can ask for very good discounts.
At the souvenir stalls

plenty of key chains to choose from

T-shirts, and there are postcards, and other souvenirs can be found there too. 


  1. Nice trip,bt the receptionist area looks bit lousy.

  2. Mery, you're right, it is really lousy.

    Susan, the mee is nice and the char sau is very tasty too! I am sure you miss a lot of things back here :D

  3. hi, stayed in Golden Kundasang as well for 1 night. The rooms are pretty run down and dirty isn't it. kitchen and bathroom in terrible condition


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