Saturday 21 August 2010

Minnie Mouse Cake

I made this cake just for fun and practice this morning. I bought this Mickey Mouse edible image more than 2 weeks ago thought it would be time to use it before it turns bad. Furthermore, Pearl would like to have princesses cake instead of Minnie Mouse for her birthday next month, she also requested her birthday cake to be in purple, she love purple colour because her nick name is "Pearl Pearl" sounds like purple, that's why *_* !!

For a long time I haven't been cooking proper lunch on Saturday, since Clet has gone outstation, we will have to stay home probably till he comes back then we can go for BIL's birthday dinner tonite. I boiled a pot of peanuts with pork soup (peanuts soup is said to be good to boost the height of growing children, it would be good for Pearl, I want her to grow taller, :D), so we had our lunch with some fried fish and salted egg. Both of them also crazy over salted egg, they can eat the salted egg like normal chicken egg, *@*. They asked for more in their next meal, hmmm....


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