Thursday 26 August 2010

Simple but well accepted

Last night, when I told Crystal I am going to prepare her sandwiches for her recess time today, she said no, not again... I guess it was not because of my sandwiches no nice, I knows she prefers more solid food, like rice or noodles, that kind of food, just like me.

So to make sure she eats her food during recess time, I asked her what she would like to have, I will tapau for her. She said "Huh? The same old food again?" she has been having fried rice, meehoon from school's canteen for the past eight months, I understand how she feels, boring with the food there already.

"I want the mee you cooked." She said. "That's mean, you want mummy to wake up very early to cook for you?" I told her. After thinking twice, she said "Why other people can and you cannot? If really can not then never mind la mummy!" Goodness, she is challenging me!!

As I know she had enough of the canteen's food, I made a point to get up earlier this morning (just happened that Clet has to catch and early freight to Sandakan). After he left, I quickly cooked up a simple mee with dried shrimps and egg for Crystal.

On the way to school, I told her I have cooked the mee she requested and do expect it to be less tastier cos it's mummy's cooking, always less salt and seasoning as much as possible, if she doesn't like it then she may buy food from the canteen.
Curiously, I asked her how is the mee when I fetched her from school just now, I was very surprise to know she loves the mee and so does her friend whom she always have tea break with. She asked whether she can have the same again tomorrow "__", that's means I have get up much earlier again la... Will try *O*.


  1. wahhh... kids can like that... ok... I am going to get ready myself with the 'same food again????'

    aduiiii.... ^_^


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