Monday 30 August 2010

Cottage Pie

This is my first attempt in making a cottage pie. Usually people refer this as shepherd's pie but I used beef as base, therefore, it is a cottage pie instead of a shepherd's pie. To make a shepherd's pie, the ingredient has to be lamb instead of beef. that's what I gathered from the internet during my search for recipes.

I used a very basic ingredients : minced beef, onion, carrots, tomatoes, mashed potatoes, butter and milk. Did not add any savoury gravy to the beef mixture which I planned to do initially but I forgot all about it during my cooking.

I tried this recipe with our gathering in mind. We will be having a Merdeka Day gathering at Angie's new home, thought of bringing a cottage pie as part of my contribution, but suddenly I remember one of our friend, Vivien, does not take beef. So I will be bringing Orange Swiss Roll instead (bought from shop).

Meantime, back to my cottage pie.

The basic ingredients
The cooked beef mixture is ready to be covered by mashed potatoes
Ready to the oven
It's done!

Clet said it taste good!!

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