Wednesday 9 November 2011

My Next Car Purchase

We are always having problems with the power windows of my 10 years old Proton. We have changed all 4 sets of the power window motors some three months ago at the Proton Service Centre, and this morning there show some signs of problem again, wind down and it will not go up, it’s STUCK!!

I had an experience of winding down the driver’s side window to collect a parking ticket at the entrance to my office, the window was stuck, I had to find a safer parking space, spent the next 15 minutes to get this power window up back, and I wouldn’t dare to press the button to wind down that window again. I was late to work as a result. If it was a raining day, I would had become soaking wet till I got to the office. I was told by the car repair workshop that it is the common problem for this make of cars.

After this morning incidence, hubby and I were talking about the age of my car, unavoidably there are areas need to repair and maintain for it to be in good running condition.

I am always thinking of changing or getting another car for the reason that my car is getting old. I have been observing those new cars on the road, local brand cars would be more affordable but again I have been driving local brand cars all this while, upgrading from one after the other, why not consider other made cars, right!? There are a few Toyota Cars that catch my eyes. I particularly like the Toyota Harrier, a metallic gold in colour would be nice, probably I could just dream about it right now, who knows one day I will be able to buy one..a new model one of course!! Alternatively, I am setting my eyes on a Honda CRV, a smaller model of 4-wheel drive that suites me better.

I am working hard on my business now and hope it will allow me to buy the car of my choice..Soon!!

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  1. Well yeah, choosing a new car can be an overwhelming experience - in today's consumer world, there's just too much choice! A car represents a big investment, and something that will take a significant amount of money to purchase and maintain, so it's important that you consider all your options and make an informed, well thought out decision.


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