Wednesday 16 November 2011

New Home for our Hamster

Actually this cage was bought more than a month ago, I just haven't got the chance to post it here. We supposed to have a pair of hamster, the female one has escaped (set herself free) and never returned, leaving the male one all alone.

It's growing day by day, the small baby hamster cage no longer provide a comfortable space for him to walk, limited space has deterred his movement. 1 day, when feeding him, I noticed that it is limping, one of his leg has turned black. I quickly moved him to a bigger storage container and left him there for a day or two to observe. With more space to move around, his leg has thus recovered. We have no choice but to look for a bigger cage to house him so that he can grow healthily.

We checked a number of pet shops around town in order to get a nice cage with reasonable price. With few choices to choose within our budget at one of the Pet Shop at Bornion Centre, we finally decided to buy a big pink cage.

Pick and choose which one is more suitable

In the same shop, we saw a very cute and well behaved Poodle, he just sits and walks around the table with no fuss.

There the owner of the shop also showed us the new pet in town, an animal size slightly bigger than the hamster, look like squirrel but slow in movement, forgot what's the name of this animal. But it's not the kind of pet for us.

Just to show the baby cage that house the hamster before and the new big pink cage.


  1. The new pet in town looks so "geli" to me. Looks like rats only to me.. Hahaha..


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