Saturday 21 September 2013

Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节

We celebrated Mid Autumn Festival in a very small way, usually mum will call us over for dinner, but she didn't this year because she thought that we have gone to my hub's side for the celebration.  

 Since mum did not call, we went home straight from work.  While I was searching for something to cook in the kitchen, Clet asked me whether I feel like cooking or prefer to eat out.  My answer to him was "I never feel like cooking", I would call it lazy, tired and no idea what to cook, a mixture of reasons..:D  We decided to tapau some dishes and hop over to brother's home to serve ourselves dinner...Festival like this is best to spent time with family members.  We had different types of moon cake this time.   
I like this moon cake very much, smaller in size and the skin is very soft unlike the traditional ones, RM3.00 per piece
Jelly moon cakes in assorted flavours, home made by SIL.

A traditional Lotus moon cake, cut into eight portions

A box of assorted flavours moon cake

I picked the green tea flavour to go with a cup of hot Chinese tea.  
The kids were not into playing the lanterns reason being that they scared the lantern will catch fire by the candle flame inside the lantern...:D
At the end, all the lanterns were hang at the car porch. Can you see the full moon on the sky?? Very glad that it was not raining or else we wouldn't be able to see any moon.


  1. Very nice mooncakes! This year I have had not many mooncakes, change of taste bud! xD

  2. Your mooncake festival celebration turned out great. Nice assorted flavor mooncakes there. I prefer the smowskin ones. :)

  3. The 3ringgit mooncakes in the top photo look very delicious. Good that you celebrated by hanging up some lanterns.


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