Friday 19 February 2016

Cheapest Asam Laksa Mee

The cheapest, fastest and delicious Asam Laksa mee.  
I believe this is the cheapest bowl of Asam Laksa mee that we could get nowadays.  My choice is Maggi Asam Laksa whenever I am craving for it.  

My better half knows very well of my taste, he added an egg, green vegetable and lemon grass for added nutrition and fragrance to my bowl of asam laksa mee.  Delicious, for nutrition wise, it is debatable and individual choice.


  1. I've always liked this flavour/brand too. :) Also the curry version.

  2. I fully agree with you. It is the fastest and cheapest laksa.

  3. Wow! Cooked by your other half with love! Must taste good. ^^

  4. I used to dump some 'sour and spicy vegetables' ( dunno what you call those but cooked with leftovers duck or siu ju yok) into the maggi Asam Laksa noodles and felt that it is really delicious!

  5. Once in a while, I would love to have instant noodles


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