Thursday 18 February 2016

立春 Lap Chun 04.02.2016

This was the 2nd year in a row we had "standing of the eggs" ceremony in the office on Lap Chun, 4th February 2016.  It is believed to have a good year ahead if our egg stands.  It is fun too where most of my colleagues joined in the activity.  It's a fine day to start the year of Fire Monkey.
This is my egg standing firm
Here's my colleague trying hard to get the egg stand.  Believe it or not one of  my colleague brought in unsalted duck eggs too..the 2 white ones are duck eggs.
The eggs remain standing when we left the office
Our eggs still standing firm till the next day morning.  One thing we can confirm is that our office is insects free, with the cockroaches and rats around, our eggs would have fallen. 

Wishing all a smooth, healthy and prosperous in the year of Fire Monkey.


  1. Your office looks so home-like. :) Good to confirm there are no pests around!

  2. Wow! So many eggs standing and that's good shot.
    Hope 2016 will be smooth and happy year for your family and career.

  3. Wah, so many eggs standing!! I must try this again next year :D

  4. Heard about this but never tried, need to understand the theory behind it again. Will do so next even the duck egg works!

  5. What an Interesting shot!Looks magical. Eggs are standing!
    Have a happy weekend for all your family.

  6. Came here through Twilight Man's blog and got interested with this post. Amazing and I have never heard of such tradition. I hope you get all the positive vibes this year.


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