Wednesday 17 February 2016

Crochet Sling bag - Handmade

I am busy with crochet lately, a new found interest..not that new actually.  I bought a batch of yarns meant for amigurumi Angry Birds project a few years ago when the Angry Birds' fever was on the heat.  The project failed miserably, I set the yarns deep inside the drawer until lately I was inspired by my colleague whom made a crochet bag, and I wanted to give it a try on crochet again.  This time is to crochet a sling bag.

Started with Treple crochet (Double crochet in U.S term) all the way, chose the red colour for Chinese New Year
without knowing the importance of calculating the number of crochets stitches, the shape of the first piece of my crochet on the right is uneven.  

getting the side of the bag done with black yarn

I added on a purple heart as my little girl likes purple colour

I prefer the bag with zipper and lining, I was very worry that the yarn would stuck in my sewing machine but I gave it a try anyway to get a better finishing on the lining..I am so happy that I managed to get it done.

sewed a purple puff flower too
The finished project.  My first crochet bag.  I will improve from here for my future crochet project.


  1. Fantastic! You are so patient to make this pretty bag. This will make good gifts to anyone.

    1. is a very good gift idea, but I need to improve my workmanship.

  2. My mum used to make crochets when she was younger. Mostly table cloth and shawl.

    I do not know how to crotchet!! Maybe I would learn some day. My mum learns from looking at the books. I got to admire her for that.

    I love your phone bag. Nice colour too.

    1. Rose, it is easy to learn from youtube could give it a try.


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