Thursday 7 April 2016

Change of Blog Title

I have decided to change my blog's title from Precious a more personalised title which carries my own name : Agnes' Diary & More...

from this one 
this one after 9 years
I have got to know many friends through this blog of mine though I have not met any of you personally, I hope we will meet up someday.  


  1. Wow! You have blogged for a long time too. It is good to change for a fresher look and feeling. Good luck and happy blogging!

    It is Tomb Sweeping Week now, maybe I should consider cleaning up my blog and give a new name too.

  2. Good change as it reflects the content of your blog. Thumbs up.

  3. Hope to meet with you one day too. Either you drop by Kuching or I visit you some day. Haha.

    Nice knowing you through blog world.

  4. Oh wow, didn't know you've blogged for so long! Congrats on the milestone, Agnes! xoxo

  5. Me coming to 10 years this year October


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