Tuesday 27 March 2018

Banana Cheese Puff Pastry

Could not remember when did I buy a pack of the puff pastry sheets.  Though I noticed it whenever I opened my fridge, I kept giving myself all sort of reasons to postpone my plan to bake some puffs which I planned to do so at the time I bought these pastry sheets.  Without further procrastination, I finally used them to make some banana cheese puff pastry, with my self created recipe.   

Unlike the self made from scratch pastry, the store bought puff pastry sheets always give the 100% result and less work.   

My fresh from oven Banana Cheese Puff Pastry 

The simple method in making the Banana Cheese Puff Pastry :
 Place half slice of cheese on the pastry cheese

 Place your favourite type of banana (I used Pisang Saba cut into half for each puff) and wrap it up.  Seal the edges, egg wash each of them and bake in the oven till the pastries turn brown like this.

 and serve when the pastries have cooled down to room temperature.  
 My afternoon tea : The Banana Cheese puff pastry & hot Sabah Tea


  1. I like cheese and I like banana too... this combination looks so good to me! Yumz! :D

  2. banana cheese pastry? now here's something really unique

  3. Gosh. I could imagine the fragrant scent in your kitchen.


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