Tuesday 6 March 2018

Pan Mien Breakfast

It was still early after sending our girls to school yesterday morning.  Got time to hunt for a place to have our breakfast, we are not always got the chance to have breakfast outside during working days as I drive my own to work after having breakfast at home prepared or bought by my better half.  We planned to sent one of our cars for repair yesterday, my better half got to send me to work.

We settled for Pan Mien at Damai Plaza, If I can remember, this is the first time having breakfast  at this shop.  
 My better half has actually told me to order for him konlou meehoon with Pan Mien soup, but someway somehow I ordered both of us the same Pan Mien meehoon soup.  Luckily he was in an okay okay mood.
The portion given is alright, good amount of sayur manis (sweet leaves) but the soup base is not thick enough to be categorised as nice Pan Mien.  For any request of additional anchovies, RM1.50 will be charged.  It's alright because anchovies are not cheap.  


  1. I love this. So comforting for breakfast.

    It has been a while since I had pan mien soup.

  2. Sounds you are very busy. That soup looks delicious!
    One of my cousins used to live in Taiwan for 2 years. She sometimes says that the meals in Taiwan is very delicious!😋

  3. My boys love pan mien and I'll always steal the anchovies from them.

  4. I was wondering what those were. I happen to love anchovies. I would love to try this soup!


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