Monday 20 April 2009

Frozen Pau and Siu Mai

Siu Mai is one of our gals' favourite food. They would ask for siu mai whenever they feel like having some. We always have the problem of getting siu mai at night in KK. We have found two shops in KK selling it at night but they are very inconsistent, sometimes they have and at times they do not have any. Our gals get disappointed all the time.

Whilst shopping at CKS hypermarket that day, Clet is pleased to find there are frozen char siu pau and siu mai in the frozen food department, he bought some to try the quality, normally the frozen ones are less tasty as compared to those served right in the restaurant.

We had these frozen siu mai and pau for breakfast that very Saturday and the qualities are to our satisfaction. We definitely going to get some more when we shop there next. Having the frozen one would save our time to drive here and there to find siu mai at night for the gals. The serving time is less than 10 minutes from freezer to table, very convenient. We also like to have them as snack for afternoon tea which we are going to have some now. :Q

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