Thursday 2 April 2009

Negative Ion products

People have been talking about negative ion but never did I pay any attention to what health benefits it could bring. Due to its many health benefits, more and more manufacturers have incorporated this feature into their products. Few of the many products that I know of having negative ion are air conditioner, sanitary napkin, definitely air ionizer, and undergarments for health purposes… The 8 keys benefits that I found from my recent research on negative ion/minus ion are:

1. Eliminate bacteria
2. Eradicate odour
3. Enhance hormonal balance
4. Treat inflammation
5. Remove Fatique
6. Strengthen immunity
7. Improve metabolism
8. Reduce stress

Some might have doubt whether there is any negative ion exist in the products as claimed by the manufacturers, I am one of them too. To ensure the genuineness of the products, it is advisable to ask for prove and method of testing to see the existence and density of negative ion as claimed rather than just rely on what it is stated on the label or packing. We have once too many fake stuff around. Don’t you agree?

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