Tuesday 21 April 2009

Soy Milk Maker

Picture from Soyquick
I always wanted to buy a soy milk maker to made fresh soy milk for our family to enjoy. My gals love soy milk. We will definitely order at least a can/bottle of soy milk for them knowing perfectly that it is the drink they want whenever we go out for a drink. A lot of times I was thinking of making some soy milk using the traditional method but keep procastinating when think of the trouble and time needed, it would be a different story if I have got the time for it. Nowadays we all talk about simplicity (in less trouble sense) in every thing we do with the availabilities of kitchen electrical & electronic appliances. And the next best thing is having to make soymilk is a step closing to making tofu which is quite simple as show in the Basic tofu recipe. The soy milk maker can also make other beans beverages like almond, red beans , etc. Soy milk maker is definitely one of my wish list for my kitchen. Can't wait to have one now.

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  1. so expensive... get one from china for less than half the price... with similar quality... :)


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