Friday 20 May 2011

Little gifts from a thoughtful colleague

It would be nice to be able to go for overseas travelling once in a year just like my colleague does. As far as I can remember, for three consecutive years I have been working with her, she has been to China, Singapore and recently to Hong Kong.

While she is on her sweet holidays, I am the one who is relieving her with her work in the office, basically to check on her emails everyday and help to follow up with the overseas suppliers. It is still consider an additional responsibilities on top my existing workloads. Luckily she always on holiday for only a week or so, and not more than that.

I must say she is a very thoughtful lady because she remembers me (or rather her work) even on holidays…:D, she always brought back some gifts for me as appreciation for helping her. She gave me a necklace and 2 little cute dolls for my daughters from her recent trip to Hong Kong. It’s nice to receive some tokens every now to brighten up my days. I am still looking forward to having our own overseas holidays, hopefully soon. *.*

Cute little dolls for my daughters, the pink one can sit down, but for the red doll, it is difficult to put it on a sitting position because its skirt is too tight :DD

lovely necklace for me


  1. Well Agnes i think it works both way, simply because i believe you are nice to her too,so it is like mutual,,,, it is always good to have a heart for someone especially those who have come to our aid when needs arise.

    have a great weekend and god bless

  2. How sweet of your colleague to bring back souvenirs and little gifts for you. It sure brightens up our otherwise dull day. :)


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