Wednesday 18 May 2011

Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

My girls just love to watch all the series in the Disney Channel, they can just glue to the television for as long as the Disney channel is on. One of their favourite series is the Higglytown Heros. Talking about Higglytown Heros, the characters are the Russian Matryoshka dolls or Nesting dolls. I always admire the Matryoshka doll, they are unique as compare to the other dolls, authentic doll is said to be made of Siberian wood, individually designed, hand-carved and hand painted by highly talented artists, the finished product is lacquered and polished to become a true master piece that last for generations.

The one uniqueness about the Matryoshka dolls is that they come in a set of a few identical dolls in different sizes, the smaller ones can be nestled into the bigger ones and become one!! Very unique!

I have not got a set of the doll yet but I am planning to get a set of these Matryoshka dolls of my choice in the near future as decorative collections for our new home. Oh wait! Since they will last for generations to come, I think I will have to get two sets of these dolls as collectors items so that my two girls will each have a set of the doll from me in the future, :D, they love dolls!!

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