Thursday 12 May 2011

No Internet Connection

It takes a week for our telephone line and internet connection to be transferred from our old home to our new home. We are still waiting for the Telekom man to come transferring our telephone line. Luckily I am able to access the internet in the office. I will have to maximise the time during my lunch break checking on my mails, update my blogs other online activities as much as I can.

Nowadays, Internet connection is an integral part of our lives, a lot of business activities can not be done without it, especially those with online businesses.

Our new home is still in a big mess, with boxes and boxes of stuff every way, Clet and his worker are moving stuff from our old home at the intervals of fixing the lights, doors and fencing this week. We are lost when looking for our stuff, Crystal has been wanting to start unpacking to look for her books, she loves reading, we just have to ask her to wait till her book shelve is ready. We only have that little time at night to do our unpacking and arranging to put our new home into a presentable and comfortable state. We have too much stuff organise I must say.

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  1. This one sure frus one, no internet connection is like makan tak lena, tidur tak cukup, mandi tak basah especially to us bloggers hahhahaahha.

    anyway like you said, make do with the time in your office as much as you can..

    hey all the blessing to your new home, Agnes

    god bless


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