Tuesday 10 May 2011

Update on our new home

We have moved. Officially we have moved on last Saturday, 07/05/2011.

Clet has put up an alter by the entrance for The Lord. In a prayer, we asked for His Blessings and presence in our new home to protect and shelter us at all times, and also thank Him for giving us a new home.

Since the workers were still around repairing the house, I prepared a light lunch for them who have been helping to repair the house for the past 1 month. They continued their tasks right away after their lunch. There are still lots of bits and pieces of everything needed to be touched up and fixed but we moved in anyway. Will have to get them fix up day by day.

Our girls are happy sharing a room, I heard them discussing who takes the big bed and who take the smaller bed and who sleeps near the window and so on, there were some disagreement at first but they sorted it out among themselves remarkably. I have noticed that their beds are nice and tidy in the morning before they go to school these 2 days...unlike last time, the bedroom was like a war zone. :D Girls, keep up the good work!!

more space for them to play


  1. Congrats, Agnes, on your house-moving! Show here more of the rooms photos, please :)

  2. So glad to know that your kids love their new house and new room too. They are getting so independent now. Good for you too.

  3. hi Agnes, hope you can drop me an email... i would like to ask you something.. thanks!


  4. Congrats on your house moving, show us more photos of the living room, bedrooms and kitchen, would love to see them.


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