Sunday 12 August 2012

Golf club memberships

After months of delay, we finally filled in the forms to register us, the three ladies as members under Clet's golf club membership.  Our girls can instantly enjoy the facilities in the club while I will have to wait for at least 2 weeks to get my membership approved.

The main reason lead us to register as members is the swimming pool and the gym facilities.  Our girls have been nagging their daddy to bring them to the swimming pool each time they go to the club while I really need some exercise.

Due to our busy working schedules, house chaos and their heavy school works, we really have to find a suitable time to exercise.  Hopefully being members now, I can allocate time to do some exercise in the club's  workout room and our girls can have fun and exercise at the swimming pool.  

 Pearl dipping herself in the children's pool
 Crystal is trying out at the adult pool
 They made new friends at the pool, their new friend, Hana, is dipping in the pool, she have a little swimming skills better than our girls.
 We were killing our time by having a glass of Kopi Kampung at the cafe just beside the pool
 Besides taking photos of our girls and watching other people have fun in the pool, I have nothing much to do, let just take a snapshot of my new shoes, bought on sale from Bata....
 Playing water in the pool burnt out very fast, Pearl appetite increases, she shouted hungry right after coming out from the pool.  Couldn't wait for mummy's cooking at home, so we had simple dinner at the club's restaurant. 
Since our girls love to play water at the pool so much, we are planning to let them have swimming lesson during this coming school holiday.  Who knows they can be the next Olympic swimmers or divers for our country!!! I believe many of us are motivated by the achievement of Pandelela Rinong!!! 


  1. Yes, after a swim normally will make us hungrier! Last time my kids took a month intensive course in swimming... now 3 of them know how to swim except me! I have a fear for water.. dont know why... :)

    1. Hi Claire,

      I am scare of water still considering whether should take up swimming lesson or not..maybe should try..heheheee.

  2. You signed up for golf club membership to swim and go to gym? haha.. play lah golf :)

    I am learning to swim too but we swim at the condo's pool

    1. Merryn,

      We just added our names under hubby's membership. I have tried play golf before, but I could not get the swinging technique right, gave up & sold my golf set..hahaha..anyway haven't got the time to play golf and it is a very costly game..


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