Wednesday 15 August 2012

How much do you worry about aging?

Everyone wants to look at their best in front of others.  One can dress up as nice as they can be, put on as much as make up and accessories as they want to, but just how much can we cover up our real biological age? Will you consider doing surgery to restore the youthfulness??

As we start to age, the sign of aging start to appear on our skin, the most obvious ones are wrinkles and age spots.  Each time I look at myself in the mirror, it worries me.  I find myself with more wrinkles and age spots.  Besides worry, what else can I do to stop and reverse the sign of aging??  Invest on expensive skin care products?  No, can't afford.  Change to a more relax, work less and sleep early lifestyle ??  No, can't afford that less means less income, sleep early means more work left undone, relax lifestyle means more leisure and spend more money, what will these result money more worries and lead to  premature aging, :(

I read about an article written by a member of Triond on Aging Isn't Wrinkle Free, this article gave us a realistic way of looking at aging, it has cleared some of my worries after reading it.  Since we can only do what is within our means to protect our "youthfulness", we can not do much about the process of aging really so why not let us age gracefully!! 

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