Thursday 16 August 2012

Day trip to Kundasang & a night at Kasih Sayang Health Resort

This was a weekend away from home in June this year. Plenty of photos to do the talking.

We took a day trip to Kundasang in the morning, stopping by the town of Tamparuli for its famous mee as usual.  The coffee shop was not opened yet when we reached there before 9am, we waited for the shop to open at 9.30am just for the mee.  
Tamparuli mein with stuffed pork blood (bought from other shop)
We continued our trip to Kundasang after having our breakfast.  We had another stop at Pekan Nabalu, which is 67km from Kota Kinabalu city. Nabalu is a very small township with shops and stalls selling local fruits and produces, souvenirs, and a great view of Mt. Kinabalu on a clear sunny day.

souvenirs stalls at Pekan Nabalu
Local produces - ground nuts sold in many forms
Our famous Sabah Organic Tea, sold in sachet, powder or dried leaves form.  Also sold in major supermarkets nationwide.

Local produce Pure Honey
Tourist coaches stop by here for their tourists to buy souvenirs & local fruits and produces on their way back to the City.
Monkey soft toys, protected animal
Out of the many trips to the Kinabalu National Park, this is the first time we drove up to the climbing point of the Majestic Mount Kinabalu.  If you want to conquer the highest mountain in Malaysia, Pondok (shelter) Timpohon is the starting point (only climbers with pass are allowed to go through this check point).   After which there are 7 pondok (shelters) to stop by leading you all the way up to Laban Rata, situated at 3,272.7m above sea level.  Laban Rata is the resting point for the night before proceeding to the summit of Mount Kinabalu at dawn the next morning
We could find the squirrels come around looking for food on top of Pondok Timpohon, children are amazed seeing the squirrels coming near them.
This squirrel is so tamed 
expecting some more biscuits
The weather was very cloudy that day, I only managed to capture Mt Kinabalu on our way back in the afternoon.  We spent the night at Kasih Sayang Health Resort, Menggatal.  I finally utilised the complimentary stay at the resort, a lucky draw I got some 2 years ago.
Night view from the resort

we had our dinner at the resort's restaurant
the day view from the resort
plenty of green
the view of the Mount Kinabalu is visible from the resort too...
rabbits at the resort
breakfast provided in the morning
partial view of the resort


  1. OMG at the stuffed pork blood!!!!

    1. Merryn,

      It used to be the popular stuffed dish for the older generaton. I am scared to eat that also.


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