Wednesday 8 August 2012

Crazy over Korean Dramas is a site with free Korea Dramas, one can watch series after series of Korean Dramas till they drop.  I was hooked on this site for the last couple of months, I have becoming more like an night owl then ever.  I soon realised that though I am a Korean Drama fan it is not healthy to hook on it too much...I am now taking a break from to concentrate on my other work assignments at home.

Just to recap what Korean Dramas I have watched like crazy on so far..You could click on the  Titles for the synopsis of the dramas:

Wow..altogether 10 dramas..You may asked which one do I recommend to the viewers, well...I like them all, when I watch a emotion went together with it,.tearful eyes are unavoidable.  If I were to give my comments, I find DID WE REALLY LOVE is a bit lengthy, could have made it shorter & sweet ending.  Not so happy to see the way it goes for BITTER SWEET LIFE, after knowing her husband has betrayed her, she found love with a younger man , seeks for a divorce and chooses to let go of her kids.  She still sticks by her lover though later she found out he is a murderer.. Other than that, the rest of the dramas are just wonderful and entertaining., I shall be back soon, with a slower pace this time!

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