Friday 17 August 2012

Hotel Booking Websites

With airlines periodical promotions nowadays, it has made travelling more affordable to many people.  Once we have booked our tickets to our chosen destination, next will be to look for hotel accommodation.  

Instead of flipping through the Yellow Pages like what we used to, now we can just go online to search for hotels around the world, compare prices, check on the room availability, their localities and make reservation within minutes.  

I was told that making reservation on hotel accommodation on line can be cheaper in many cases, some offer reward points in monetary value for next booking through their websites.  Here are a list of websites that we can browse through to shop for hotel accommodation at our convenience.  
We are already in the 2nd half of the year. Soon it will be a long school holiday starting from mid-November till January 2013.   Year end school holiday is the time where parents take the opportunities to go for family vacation.  A lot of planning needed to make the vacation a memorable one.  50% job is done when we secured the hotel reservation.   Which website do you normally go for to make your hotel reservations?  Please share your experiences with us.


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