Tuesday 22 November 2016

Sleeping with Books

Couldn't decide what's the title for this post. Since I am talking about the books just by my bed side, they are as good as sleeping with me, so I just give this post title as Sleeping with Books. I like to read. One could judge by the thick glasses I am wearing.  Books are the knowledge power house for all of us. whether we finish reading the whole book, part of the book or just few pages of it, we will be able to learn something out of it.

These are the books the I am sleeping with.  About half are cook books.  I have confessed before that I love to eat but not a good cook, thus need more cook books to inspire me to be more creative in my cooking.  Other than cook books, I also like to read motivational and business related books.  Will show you my family's collection of books next time.
I realised that the Information technology (IT) advancement is too fast that my knowledge on this area is far lacking behind, I should start reading publications on IT, if not I will be just like those old gadgets becoming "obsolete" soon.   


  1. I enjoy reading as much, usually into crimes & investigation or romance. As much as I love to cook, I prefer to experiment with ingredients rather than looking at recipes. Hence, I don't buy cook books other than a couple which were given to me as gifts. xoxo

  2. You have the same taste as me, I love to read motivational and business related books too! At least we learn something from it, and not just reading love stories

  3. I have books on top of the WC... hahaha. Put there by hubby la. I did use to read in the toilet but now I just bring my phone to surf net.

  4. I love reading too but it has been many years since I devoted time for books. I really have to re-look into my priorities and set some time to read.


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