Sunday 13 November 2016

Dining at Palace Hotel Kota Kinabalu

After fetching my girls from school, we chose to have lunch at Palace Hotel slightly an hour before the auction session started. As an assistant to the auctioneer, I can not be late, it would be convenientto dine at the same hotel where the function is.

 my girl's spaghetti bolognese came first.  The sauce looks very dry, I thought of sharing some with my girl but the portion is a bit small, she shared some with her little sister whose fish & chips came much later.  The taste must be alright since she did not complain about the sauce being too dry.
My set lunch came with hot coffee.  They serve me the coffee first, by the time I finished my meal, the coffee is no longer hot..I prefer them to serve the coffee last.  Since we were a bit rush, I just accepted it when it's served. 

 Followed by salad and a bowl of mushroom soup
I chose the Tauhu (beancurd) hot pot with rice as main meal.  Can be tastier I must say, and too plain for my liking, I can only taste the soy sauce.

The fish & chips came last. The serving was alright.  
My girls ordered a glass of Chinese Tea ice each, the one at the top right, it's the most expensive glass of Chinese Tea Ice I have ever seen, RM11 each.  The bill came with a total amount which was higher than expected, I looked at the breakdown of the bill and realised the charges of RM22++ for the Chinese Tea Ice, the cashier told me that they have to charge according to the price of other beverage because there is no item for Chinese Tea Ping stated in their menu.  I complained to the F&B senior that it is very unreasonable to charge a plain tea ice for that kind of price.  He then ordered the cashier to cancel the charges from my bill.  I appreciate it very much. 


  1. Indeed RM11 for an iced tea was too much. Even in a hotel restaurant.

    Doesnt look like a good dining experience but since you were rushing for event, could not complain much. Your girls followed you to the aunction as well? They must be excited watching mummy working.

  2. Wow, RM11 is way too pricey! Thank goodness the supervisor gave you a good service, else heart pain. Hahaha!


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