Tuesday 8 November 2016

Weekends Eats

Time just fly by during weekends.  We choose to stay home for breakfast when our girls do not have their Sunday school classes, our breakfast will become a brunch because we usually wake up late :D

last weekend, I cooked most of the meals at home which kept me all busy in the kitchen.  There seem are actually so many things to do around the house on weekends which I do not have the chance to do on working days,  Not long after our late breakfast, the clock telling me that it's time for lunch and dinner.   
So far this macaroni mushroom is a big favourite for my girls.  The above serving with coffee is my brunch

I am not a good cook, thus here come our simple lunch
Crunchy french beans with minced pork is the only main dish

Don't worry, we had Polo Char Sau Pau and plain Char Sau pau for afternoon tea bought from the famous local kopitiam 333 at Lintan.  The Polo Char Sau Pau is RM3.00 per piece, the shop owner is a good sales lady she convinced me to buy 2 to try it out, combination of sweet and savory,   

I still prefer the normal plain char sau pau.

Here come our dinner, when my turn to cook, I will serve more vegetable and keep reminding my girls to eat them.  "Eat more vegetable, blah blah blah...""
Just when we had finished our dinner, BIL and friend brought 3 big packets of mamak mee. Look delicious right?  Yes, I had mamak mee for supper, spicy but tasty with added calamansi juice.

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